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Christy Costello (Butcher’s Union, Monica LaPlante, Pink Mink and Dusty’s) along with Corinne Caouette and Pamela Laizure (Black Widows) know enough covers to do acoustic sets to the wazoo and were inspired to host an open mic to bring anyone in to play versions of songs acoustically.  So now’s your chance.  Bring your own guitar in or borrow the couple of guitars the girls will be bringing and sign up for one to three songs at a time.  Feel free to sing along to boost the spirits, hence Campfire jams!  Incentive, whatever you make in the tip jar you keep!  Maybe you’ll make enough to pay your bar tab or food tab.  Either way, this is going to be a fun round robin of who knows what songs we’ll all hear.  It could be T-Pain’s I’m in Love with a Stripper done campfire style to Slayer or any variation of those favorite Country Classics.  Come to Dusty’s every Third Sunday to try out your skills in the Big Green Boooth.  A little fun for everyone!