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JRD & The Big Mistake is a Minneapolis based country western outfit fronted by Joseph R. Downing. JRD & The Big Mistake craft what they call North Country Mid Western Music. “Country music is story telling. I’ve got three minutes to take em through a moment or tell em about a person in my life. When people hear our music, I want them to laugh at a lyric, I want em to drink a little more when a song hits too close to home.” Rather than reinvent the wheel, JRD & The Big Mistake tip their hats to country legends past and present by creating music that sounds familiar at first glance. “Our aim is to make great country music that folks can walk away humming. The stories are true, the melodies are catchy, and everyone within earshot has experienced the things we sing about, because, simply put, the songs are about life”.

Check out this live video and catch a glimpse, hear a tunehttps://www.facebook.com/youcancometomyfuneral/videos/339608599991161/