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Monica LaPlante and her band return again to Dusty’s big green booth for another super party/show with friends.  Monica calls herself blue collar goth but we thinks are definitely a bit more to it.  Sprinkle in some post punk, French pop, new wave and garage and it starts to feel closer to it.  And in that vein sit The Partial Traces as well.  Partial Traces, 1/2 of The Soviettes but nothing like them except the vocals of Maren and Annie combine again but placed in  the wall of dark new wave post punk.  Hot off the release of their second fantastic record, Low Definition, they make their debut at Dusty’s.  Same with opener Arctic Universe.  Seawhores bassist and singer Adam Marx is Arctic Universe.  A one man full no stops thrillest dark wave crooner soon to find his way to your heart and turn it to ice!

Check them all out!

Partial Traces  

Monica LaPlante

Arctic Universe